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Here we have the most frequently asked questions to our customer service department.

How fast will I get my order?
For us, it's very important with fast deliveries. If you live in Sweden, and you make your order before 15.00, we will ship in the same day if it's Monday-Friday. You will have your order the next workday. If you live outside Sweden, shipping will take a few days extra. Normally, delivery to an European country will take at most 4-6 days.

Why should I buy CrystalBra from your website, I've seen it cheaper at the website xxx?CrystalBra does appear at other websites that might sell it at a lower price, but it's important for you to understand that quality costs money, and you cannot get great quality from something that doesn't cost enough money.

All our CrystalBras are hand made, and all crystals and pearls are sewn by hand. Nothing is done by machine, and nothing is glued. It sure takes a lot of time to sew our bras by hand, but it's the only way for us to ensure quality.

Does your CrystalBra have push up??
All our A-cups have push up, unfortunately the other cup sizes doesn't have push-up.

Is it possible to change the straps?
On the A, B and C-cups, there's exchangeble straps, but the D-cups doesn't have exchangeable. This is because the D+ sizes need more stability. Please check out own straps, CrystalStraps.

I'd like to order E/F-cup, is it possible for you to get it?
The majority of our customers buy cups A-D, but from time to time, customers ask us for a different size. Just send us an e-mail and tell us which size you'd like to have, and we'll try our best to get it for you.

I doen't live in Sweden, can  I order anyway?
No problem! Just chose your country in the cart and make the order. Delivery within the Nordic countries is around 1-3 days. The freight cost to the entire Europe is always EUR 9,99:-, no matter of how much you ordrer.